Back to School Night

September 2

Welcome to our virtual Back to School Night!  

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Greetings, Northwood!

Our virtual Back-to-School Night will start on Wednesday, September 2, beginning at 6:00 PM.  Dr. Roach will kick off the evening with her annual address. Our website will have a link to her message and to Canvas. Our teachers are excited to share their plans for the school year with you.  This year, we will not be able to meet in person, however, you will have an opportunity to hear from each of your child(ren)’s teachers through pre-recorded video messages on Canvas.  

To prepare for the evening and ensure that you have access to Canvas, please follow these instructions on setting up a Parent Observer Canvas account with your child(ren).  Canvas will be the primary point of contact for your child to access information about each of their classes.  By setting up a Parent Observer account, you will be able to see what teachers post if you want to stay informed about their classes. 

On Wednesday, September 2, by 6:00 PM, our teachers will post their videos for their classes in Announcements and you can find them on the top left of your Canvas page.  While you do not have to watch them at that time, we encourage you to do so by the end of the week.


Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate through this unusual time.  We look forward to working with you and hopefully, seeing you on campus in the future.


Instructions in Chinese - traditional

Instructions in Chinese - simplified