NHS 24 Hour Attendance Line: (949) 936-7201

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Every absence from school must be cleared within THREE days of the absence. Absences must be verified in one of the following ways:
1. Call (949) 936-7201 (NHS 24 Hour Attendance Line) each day your child is absent.
2. Bring a written note from his/her parent/guardian to the Attendance Office upon returning to school. The note needs to include the following information:

  • Student's full name (ID number if possible)
  • Date of absence
  • Reason for absence
  • Full signature of parent/guardian with a daytime phone number

PLEASE NOTE:  Absences must be verified within THREE days of the absence to avoid a CUT.

If it is necessary for the student to be out of school for reasons other than illness, we encourage the student to come to school for at least part of the day. When the student attends part of the day, he or she may be able to touch base with teachers and obtain important assignments. REMINDER: each class period is 90 minutes in length, daily attendance is important.

Detention is assigned for ALL absences that are not cleared within 3 days of the absence.   Detentions or Saturday schools will be assigned for ALL absences that are not verified within 3 days of the absence. Detentions are assigned for each individual period absence. After three un-cleared individual period absences the student will receive a Saturday school for any further absences. Additionally, Saturday schools are assigned for full-day absences.

Justifiable Personal Reason Absence
Students who are being excused from school for a justifiable personal reason such as a religious or cultural observance must submit a written note, signed by the assistant principal, in order to qualify for a verified absence. Phone calls will result in unverified absences. Justifiable personal reason absence forms are available in the attendance office or are linked to the right.

Early Dismissal
If a student has an appointment which requires that he/she leave school early, a note must be brought to the attendance office signed by the parent or legal guardian stating the dismissal time, date, and reason for absence. This note must be brought to the attendance office before school so that an early release form can be issued. The Early Release Form must be presented to the teacher before the student is excused from class at the appropriate time. The student will then come to the attendance office to sign out before leaving campus. If the student is returning they will be expected to sign in at the attendance office upon their return. Students who do not sign out with the Attendance or Health Office will be considered truant.

Arriving Late (Tardies)
1. Students who are TARDY (unexcused) during the first 15 minutes of class should report directly to the classroom.
      1a. If paper attendance is being taken (Ex: if there is a substitute) and the sheet has already been sent down to the office, students should go to attendance to make sure their marked absence is changed to a tardy, then return to class.
2. Students who are LATE (excused) should always check in first with the Attendance Office. Excused tardies include illness, medical appointments, funerals, court dates, and religious holidays.
3. All students who are more than 15 minutes tardy/late must sign in at the Attendance Office and obtain an Admittance Form to class.



Independent Study Agreements
If a student is going to be absent for 3 or more days, an Independent Study Agreement should be arranged at least 4 days prior to the absence. Forms are available in the Attendance Office. The student then has the opportunity to continue his/her education while away and the school will continue recovering ADA-generated income.

Agreement for Students 18 years of age
Students who are 18 years old and in good standing may obtain a form from the Attendance Office allowing them to excuse their own absences. This form must be signed by the parent/guardian and by the Assistant Principal.