Film and Broadcast Production

Students who are interested in Northwood's Film and Broadcast Production program have interests in film, broadcasting, visual storytelling and composition, may be interested in pursuing a career in the film or broadcast industry, and enjoy hands-on learning. 

In this program, students will learn about and create different types of films and visual productions, get hands-on experience with both production and post-production equipment, and work collaboratively in groups to prepare films/broadcasts for class, local broadcasts, and festivals. You can learn more about the courses (Beginning Video Production, The Art of Television, and Advanced Film/Broadcast News) in the descriptions below.

Beginning Video Production

Students will learn foundational production techniques including camera operation, audio acquisition, lighting techniques, editing, and visual storytelling.  This is a hands on class that allows students to be creative and to learn the fundamentals of, film, documentary, commercial and feature production.
  • Year-long course (10 credits)
  • NHS General Elective
  • UC/CSU a-g approved: "F" college preparatory elective
  • Homework Time:  Minimal



Art of Television

This course prepares students to enter the video production industry with an emphasis in pre-production and post-production techniques. Students will learn about the development of the film and television industry and study the techniques used by filmmakers and broadcasters. Training includes production planning, and advanced editing, and camera operation techniques.  The Adobe Suite of editing products will be used.  Prerequisite: Beginning Video or Teacher Recommendation

  • Year-long course (10 credits)
  • NHS General Elective
  • UC/CSU a-g approved: "F" college preparatory elective
  • Homework Time:  Limited to occasional outside productions




Advanced Film/Broadcast News

This class is the capstone of all of the production classes.  Students will function in a true production environment as they are involved in in the production of the school’s weekly news show. Students organize, produce, and create segments for broadcast.  Film production is another facet of this class, as students will create their own short films for student film competitions and local distribution.  Lastly, students create “video yearbook” chapters that cover the groups and events that take place at NHS. Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation, production reel, interview.

  • Year-long course (10 credits) PLUS Thursday night lab time (4:00 - 9:00 p.m.)
  • NHS General Elective
  • UC/CSU a-g approved: "F" college preparatory elective
  • Homework Time:  Some nights and weekends required for productions and events


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