NHS Graduation requirements

To meet minimum graduation requirements, students are required to complete the following with a grade of "D-" or higher:

a. English: 40 credits
b. Social Science: 30 credits, including World History (10 credits), US History (10 credits), Government (5 credits), and Economics (5 credits)
c. Mathematics: 20 credits, including Algebra I or Math I
d. Science: 20 credits
e. World Language OR Fine Arts OR Career Technical Education (CTE): 10 credits
f. Physical Education: 20 credits
g. Health: 5 credits
h. General Electives: 70 credits

A minimum of 215 credits are required to be eligible to graduate

Click here to download the NHS Graduation Requirements Worksheet

program of studies 

The Program of Studies contains information about the courses that are offered at NHS, school policies, academic policies, graduation requirements, and college entrance requirements.

A copy of the Program of Studies translated in Mandarin is available here.

NHS Course Sequencing 

The Course Sequencing document tells you the order in which each class is taken in individual areas of study. 

For this information in Mandarin, please click here.

Time Management Tool

In order to help student's and their families, Northwood High School teachers and staff created a time management worksheet and a homework estimator. These resources can be accessed by clicking here.