State of the Student 2019

On Thursday, October 31st we will be running our fifth annual State of the Student Day. This will be dedicated as a time for the Northwood High School community to embrace the whole child approach to educating our students as we encourage them to come together as a community to support and encourage each other. The theme of this year’s State of the Student Day is #NHSbettertogether.

The desire for such a day emerged from past staff meetings about overall student well-being, student feedback about ways they could be supported, and our ongoing school-wide action plan to address these issues. We view day this as a chance to connect with students outside of the typical classroom routines and help them see that there are ways in which they can help themselves. By working with our students to identify all of the ways they can create a community on campus and connect with their peers, we hope our students will begin to see how working together can offer endless possibilities moving forward.

This is just a glimpse of what we are hoping to address with all of our students on October 31st and throughout the rest of the school year. Issues such as these also continue to fall in line with our Challenge Success initiative of valuing genuine engagement, balance, and growth for the good of our students and our community. You can find more information about this initiative by clicking on the following link.

On October 31st, students will follow a modified schedule. The day begins in Advisement at 9am. This will be followed by a period of “Choice” for all students. During this rotation, clubs on campus will be offering a series of workshops from which students will be able to choose. All students are required to sign-up and attend a “choice” workshop during this time. Following the “Choice” rotation, students attending their Period 4 class (with content delivered by their regular P4 teacher) and then a culminating activity back in Advisement to end the day. Here is the overall schedule for the day. You will also find it on the NHS website.

The day will also include an extended lunch from 12:05-12:45. Thanks to the generous support of the NHS PTSA and local business community, we will be providing lunch for all students and staff, free of charge. We will also include some activities for the students during this time including staff vs. students kickball game and other activities put on by our ASB! 

Finally, we would like to remind you that this is a day for all NHS students. As such, attendance is expected. Similar to any other school day, all absences will need to be cleared through the attendance office. Only verified absences will be excused (eg. Illness, Funeral, Court, Religious…).

The Northwood staff is excited to use this time to engage with students about how they approach their education. We appreciate your support.

SoS Poster