World Languages

In order to function successfully in the global society and world marketplace of the twenty-first century, it is essential to be equipped linguistically and culturally in English and another World Language. Proficiency in more than one language affords students these opportunities: to communicate with people of other cultures, to expand their thinking beyond customary boundaries, to develop higher-level cognitive skills and to become more flexible thinkers, to access additional information first-hand, and to raise awareness of self, others and of the interrelationship between language and culture. 

At Northwood High School, we believe all students can and should learn a language other than English. However, World Language courses are academic electives and successful completion at each level is necessary to advance to and succeed in the subsequent level.  World Language courses are yearlong with entry in the fall.

We offer a five-year program in Spanish.  Due to the nature of the five-year program and course offerings at the junior high schools, students who begin the language program in the ninth grade can still advance to the fifth year of the program. Juniors who have earned a strong “A” in Spanish at Northwood High School, are recommended by their Spanish 3 teacher and who pass a competency exam may elect to enroll in AP Spanish.  Our other course offerings include American Sign Language, French, and Korean.

For World Language electives, please click on the World Language Electives tab under “Quicklinks” on the top right of this page and/or visit the Program of Studies.