Parking Permit Information

2023-24 Parking Information

Eligible seniors will be able to apply for a permit for both semesters while juniors will continue to be selected through a lottery process.  Seniors and juniors can apply online.  Please be sure you have all documents ready to complete your application and print and sign the Parking Permit Agreement Signature Page which is available in the upper right corner of your screen under Quick Links.  Parking permits are $40 for the semester.

  • Seniors will receive an email within two school days with a permit pick-up time (if their application is approved). 
  • Once juniors apply online, the application will be reviewed and entered into the lottery.  Only one application is needed.  

Class of 2024 - Senior Application

Class of 2025 - Junior Application

Application forms will open on August 1, 2023. If you are not able to complete your application online after that date please see Ms. Engelerdt.


General Parking Information

All cars must have a valid Northwood High School Parking Permit displayed on the dashboard to park on campus. Parking permits will not be issued to sophomore or freshman students. If there are available spaces, a small number of permits will be issued to juniors. The application process for juniors is handled through a lottery each semester.

Qualifying for a Parking Permit

Parking permits are issued to students who qualify based upon their attendance and Code of Conduct record during the previous semester. For example, in order to remain eligible for a permit for the Fall Semester, a student must have no more than ten points due to tardies/uncleared period absences and no Code of Conduct violations during the previous Spring Semester.

NOTE: Three tardies equal one point and one uncleared period absence equals two points.  Detentions are not counted toward parking permit eligibility.  Students with multiple parking violations may not be eligible for a parking permit in the future. 

Requirements for receiving a Parking Permit

NHS will be requiring all students who choose to purchase a parking permit to participate in Irvine Police Department’s Smart Start Driving Seminar. This seminar will focus on understanding the responsibilities associated with driving a motor vehicle. All students must sign in for the Smart Start Driving Seminar for verification of their attendance. 

To obtain a Student Parking Permit you must:

  1. Attend Smart Start presentation provided by Irvine Police Department* 
  2. Review, sign, and upload  the required signature page with parent signature/initials;
  3. Bring a check payable to “Northwood High School” or cash once approved;
  4. Provide copy of your CA Driver’s License AND copy of ALL your vehicles’ registrations.

*Smart Start presentations will be required for Fall 2023 permits and opportunities will be available beginning July 11.  Students will be required to attend a Smart Start presentation if they have not done so in order to apply for a permit for the 2023-24 school year.

Revocation of a Parking Permit

Parking permits can be revoked for violations of the Timberwolf Code of Conduct.  All cars parked on the campus is at student's own risk. Lock your car to secure your possessions. Your car is not a “locker”.  Students only have access to their vehicles during break and lunch periods (not tutorial). Cars must be parked in designated areas.  Reckless driving or any violation of the vehicle code will result in the immediate loss of the parking permit. Remember: This rule is in effect when you are driving to and from school, on campus, and during the lunch period.

Provisional Licenses/Permits

NHS will be issuing unique permits for students with provisional licenses. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the school when they have received their unrestricted driver’s license. At that time, they will be issued a new NHS parking permit at no additional cost.

Alternate Vehicles

Students will be issued a custom permit with all approved vehicles' information.  The permit should be placed on the dashboard of the car and the car and permit information should match. ALL FAMILY vehicles should be registered beforehand (listed on the parking application with copies of vehicle registration).  Any alternate vehicle driven to school should be listed on the application and registered with the Attendance Office. If the vehicle is not listed on the permit, the student should email prior to the start of the school day with the student's name, ID#, car color/make/model, and license plate number, and valid vehicle registration to avoid a parking violation  See enforcement/violation consequences guidelines below.

Enforcement & Consequences

Cars must be parked in designated areas and should not be parked in Visitor spaces or staff parking. The Irvine Police Department will once again provide parking enforcement at NHS. The police department will work closely with school personnel to enforce parking laws, traffic regulations, and adherence to provisional license restrictions. Violation of NHS parking regulations or traffic laws will result in a citation from the City of Irvine. If you need further information about Parking Enforcement, please contact the Irvine Police Department at 949.724.7000. 

For 2023-24, consequences for parking violations include:

  • First offense - Warning
  • Second offense -  Boot on car and two-week probation for permit holders/detentions assigned for non-permit holders
  • Third offense - Boot on car with fine and additional suspension of permit
  • Fourth offense and beyond - Car will be towed at owner's expense/permit revoked