Parking Lot Procedures


There are two turn lanes into campus.  Please note the lane you are in as students should exit to the sidewalk closest to their vehicle. Please see the images below for important tips.

Things to Remember

  1. Common Courtesy is key.
  2. Have your child ready for a quick exit to the appropriate sidewalk.
  3. Pull as far forward as possible before stopping...there are people waiting behind you.
  4. Drop-off early...there are fewer cars and traffic.
  5. Consider dropping at Meadowood Park.
  6. Carpool when you can.
  7. Be patient and kind.

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During the pick-up time our primary concern is the safety of all students. Be mindful that students are in the area. Watch your speed and follow designated traffic lanes.

Students can be picked-up along the curb directly in front of the 1000 building and all the way to the pool area.  Plan your pick-up spot ahead of time and please do not pick up near Wolf Trail's crosswalks. When exiting the parking lot, please observe all stop signs and any staff members who are directing traffic. Allow for alternating cars out of the parking lot exit.

Things to Remember:

  1. Common Courtesy is key.
  2. Please do not park or pick up on Wolf Trail.
  3. Pick-up later...there are fewer cars and traffic.
  4. Consider picking up at Meadowood Park.
  5. Carpool when you can.
  6. Be patient and kind.