Parking Lot Procedures

We’d like to take the opportunity to review our Parking Lot Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures.  Please take a look at the two maps attached so that you can familiarize yourself with the flow of traffic. Please keep the following items in mind:

You are part of the Pack:

  • Always follow the directions of the staff members in the parking lot. They are trying to keep your student safe and facilitate a smooth flow of traffic!
  • Be patient and kind. Common courtesy is key.
  • Carpool when you can.
  • Always pull as far forward as possible to help the cars behind you.

 Morning Drop-Off Procedures

  • Drop off early! Skip the traffic!
  • Upon entering the parking lot in the mornings, please have your student ready for a quick exit with all their belongings.
  • When dropping off in Lane 1, students should exit into the parking lot and head to the nearest crosswalk to enter campus.
  • When dropping off in Lane 2, students should quickly exit on the sidewalk and cars should pull forward as far as possible.
  • Only drop your child off in a drop-off zone (marked green on the map). Do not drop off in in-coming lanes.

Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures

  • Consider picking your student up a little later… skip the traffic!
  • Parents may not exit their cars to come on campus. Please wait for your student in your car.
  • Lane 1 is for cars circulating through the parking lot. No stopping.
  • Lane 2 is for picking up students. Once your student is in the car, please move toward the exit.
  • Pick up your child closer to the center of campus - not in the middle of the street or near the intersection - to avoid blocking traffic

We hope that if we can all follow this process, we will make drop-off and pick-up as efficient and safe as possible!

Thank you for your continued help!


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