Welcome to the NHS Counseling website! Here is some information to help parents stay informed.

What is a school counselor?

School counselors are an amazing resource for students and parents alike. School counselors consult and collaborate to provide academic, social-emotional, college/career and developmental support to students.  They advocate on the behalf of all students to ensure that each student becomes academically and personally successful.  School counselors provide academic support services, organizational skills, post-secondary planning, educational goal setting and social-emotional counseling.

Refer to the Counseling main page to determine who your student's counselor is and to find their contact information.

How to Stay in touch with nhs?

  • The Weekly Bulletin: Advisors review the weekly news, activities and future event through Advisement.  You should also receive the Weekly Bulletin in your email or you can find it on the main page of our website.
  • The NHS Website: The website is a great way to stay current on NHS news, activities, and school information. 
  • Canvas: The majority of NHS teachers post their course syllabus and class assignments on Canvas.  This allows students to access class assignments, notes and other information from home. It is a great way to check if your student has homework and when the next test/quiz will be administered!

Information about Canvas translated in Mandarin is available here.

  • Parent Portal: This online tool allows you to view your student's attendance, progress reports, quarter/semester grades, standardized test scores, transcript and graduation status. If you have already established a parent portal account, you can continue to access the high school information by logging-in. If you have not established an account, go to the NHS website and click on the Parent Portal button on the left hand side of the screen. Follow the directions on that site to establish an account.