ROP Classes


What is ROP? 

Coastline ROP (Regional Occupation Program) is a career and technical education (CTE) provider that prepares both high school students and adults for a wide range of careers and further educational opportunities.

 Coastline ROP is is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and classes are taught by fully credentialed teachers who are experienced in their related industries. 

 What are the benefits of an ROP class?

  • Earn grades and credits towards high school graduation. 
  • Enroll in classes that satisfy A-G requirement for UC & CSU. 
  • Earn certificates of achievement. 
  • Participate in courses that offer internships if they are at least 16 years of age. 
  • May assist in choosing college majors & enhance college admission applications.
  • Classes are free for high school students.  




Student sitting at computer, looking at ROP course offerings.



Rising Seniors - Monday, March 11th, 4pm

Rising Juniors - Wednesday, March 13, 4pm

Rising Sophomores/ Freshman - Friday, March 15, 4pm

*If you register before your assigned date, your registration will be canceled. Incomplete registration will be deleted.


Fall 2024 ROP Registration Information  

How do I register?
Register for all courses online at

What information do I need to register?

  • Email address you check most often
  • Date of Birth
  • Student Cell Phone Number
  • School you are Currently Attending 
  • Graduation Year 
  • High School Student ID # 
  • Guidance Specialist Name 
  • Special Programs you are in 
  • Parent/Guardian Name 
  • Parent/Guardian Email Address 
  • Parent/Guardian Phone Number

What is the Deadline to Register for a Class?

  • For classes that meet once a week, students may add up to the second class meeting.
  • For classes that meet two or more times per week, students may add up to the third class meeting.


Click HERE to access a publication by Coastline ROP is designed for students, parents, and staff to see what the future of jobs are in the 15 industry sectors in Orange County. To be prepared for the job market, students should take classes that extend their basic skills and explore real life experiences. ROP Internship classes provide actual work experience in your field of interest! Internships are for high school students 16 years of age and older with transportation to their internship site. Certain prerequisites may be required. The following classes are internship related:

  • Animal Health Care Internship (year long): seniors priority
  • Automotive Technology Internship
  • Careers with Children Internship
  • CNA: Certified Nursing Assistant Pre-Certification Internship
  • Culinary Arts Internship
  • Dental Assistant Back Office Internship: Seniors only
  • Medical Nursing Careers Internship
  • Pharmacy Technician Internship
  • Retail Sales and Merchandising Internship
  • Sports Medicine Internship (must have taken Sports Medicine ROP first)




Frequently Asked Questions

Will ROP classes be virtual or in person?
They will be in person.
Are there very competitive ROP courses?
Yes. Animal Health Science, Med Nursing, and CNA are all impacted. Additionally, Medical Careers and Health Systems always has a wait list, it is a great class for juniors who want to take CNA or Med Nursing his/her senior year (or for any student who is interested in the medical field). To improve your opportunity to take the class, be ready to register at 2:50 to submit everything at 3:00 during your registration day.
Are there age requirements or prerequisites?

Students must be a senior for the following courses: Med Nursing, CAN, EMT. For all other internships’ students must be 16. Most other courses are open to all grades. Classes with restrictions and prerequisites are all listed on the course description during the registration process.

Beginning in the fall of 2022, CNA and Medical Nursing Careers Internship will have a prerequisite of Medical Careers and Health Systems. This year-long, UC-g approved class provides a strong foundation in the medical field and will provide pathway completers in CNA and Medical Nursing Careers Internship.
Will I earn high school credit?
Yes. Students will earn a letter grade and 5 or 10 credits (see flyer) counted towards graduation.
How will I know if I’m enrolled in the ROP class?
Students will know if they are in the class or waitlisted when they enroll online. They will receive the first night information a couple of days before the class starts via email.
How do I drop an ROP course?
If you have signed up for an ROP course and would like to drop it, please email the ROP teacher and cc your ROP Career Specialist to let them know.
Students have until the 7th week to drop a course with no grade penalty. After the 7th week, a dropping student may receive a W/F on their transcript. Alternatively, students can also email and cc their ROP Career Specialist.