Silverado Fire Update

Silverado Fire

OCTOBER 27, 2020

Dear NHS Community, 

As we continue to monitor the fires in the area, I wanted to provide you the most up to date information. As you read from the district email, tomorrow will be a non-instruction day.

Our plan for Thursday and Friday, pending updates to evacuation plans, is to run an odd day on Thursday and even day on Friday through the Distance Learning format. There will be no in person classes this week. This will allow us to keep our cohorts as balanced as possible and keep the greatest continuity for all students regardless of where they physically might be at the moment. Please follow the updated Distance Learning Schedule here.

This continues to be a trying time for our community. The fires and COVID-19 have created a unique time for all of us and we all react differently to these types of events and stressful situations. You may notice your child having more trouble concentrating, feeling anxious or overwhelmed. They may be fearful or withdrawn. These are normal responses to an abnormal situation. When talking with your child, start with your child’s understanding of the situation. Keep it simple and invite your child to ask questions. Remember to be aware of your own feelings and how you are coming across. We have resources available to our families and have linked some below for more information. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your school site for additional support.

Linked below you will find several resources:

Please continue to monitor your email, the IUSD website, and our Instagram account (@nhstwolves) for the most up-to-date information.  As a school community, our thoughts continue to be with firefighters, first responders, and those who continue to remain under evacuation orders. 


Leslie Roach, Ed.D.