March 13

Elective Expo & SBAC Testing
March 13

On Friday, March 13, we will be on a Super Late Start schedule to accommodate our  11th Grade SBAC Testing. On this day, 2nd period will begin at 9:50 AM for all students, but  11th grade students will start earlier. Please see the starting times for each grade level below:

9th Grade Students: Start at 9:50 AM in Period 2

10th Grade Students: Start at 9:50 AM in Period 2

11th Grade Students: Start at 8:00 AM in TA

12th Grade Students: Start at 9:50 AM in Period 2

**UPDATED:  The Elective Expo has been postponed!**

10th GRADE ELECTIVE EXPO: The morning will consist of two important sessions - a special counseling presentation in the theater for students only and the Elective Expo in the gym. At the Expo, students have an opportunity to learn more about elective courses and can ask questions of peers and teachers who are familiar with them. In the theater, students will hear from their counselor about course selection strategies. We encourage students to be thoughtful about selecting courses that are of interest and will challenge them next year.

Parents are invited to attend the Expo between 8:30 - 9:45. If you have any questions about the event, feel free to contact Kortney Tambara, Assistant Principal, at or 949.936.7216.