Late AP Exam Registration

Deadline: February 28
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February 22-28 is the LAST CHANCE to order AP Exams through our NHS Webstore. College Board, unfortunately, tacks on a $40 late fee so each AP Exam is $145 instead of the $105. Students who are unsure of whether they're registered for the AP Exam or not can login to their AP College Board Account and next to the exam it should say YES or NO to being registered for the exam.

The following AP Exams are impacted:

• Biology (sold out) • Chemistry (sold out) • Music Theory (sold out) • Physics (sold out) • Spanish Language (sold out) • Statistics (sold out) • Government (sold out) • English Lit (limited availability) • Environmental Science (limited availability) • US History (limited availability) • World History (limited availability)

For sold out exams, students can find an alternative school site with space + availability. They can take a look at this IUSD AP Exam Spreadsheet ( and contact the AP Coordinator of a school site with space + availability for the exam they wish to take (