Fall Conference Week

October 11-14
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Dear NHS Community:

We are looking forward to seeing you on campus during Fall Conference Week! Conferences will take place October 11 - 14 and each student will have a short conference with their advisor during the week.

Fall Conferences are an opportunity for your child to check in with their teacher advisor (TA) in a one-on-one setting to see how the school year is going. It’s also a time for the TA to get to know your child a little better and learn about their goals, needs, and/or plans for the year. This is a student-centered conversation and parents are invited to attend. Your child’s advisor will be scheduling the conference with your child outside of your child’s classes.

The schedule for the week of October 10 is as follows:

  • Monday, October 10: Non-Student Day (no school)
  • Tuesday, October 11: Odd periods  (minimum day)
  • Wednesday, October 12: T-wolves Testing Day in TA
    • 9th graders start at 8:30 AM taking the PSAT 8/9 test
    • 10th graders start at 8:30 AM taking the Pre-ACT test
    • 11th graders start at 8:30 AM taking the PSAT/NMSQT test
    • 12th graders - seniors will receive more information in a future email
  • Thursday, October 13: Even periods (minimum day)
  • Friday, October 14: Odd periods (minimum day)

We will be on a minimum day schedule each day to accommodate a full conference for each student. In the spring, we will conduct conferences with students and parents as families and advisors discuss scheduling plans for the following year.

The NHS staff remains committed to strengthening our relationship with each student and ensuring they know which adults they can reach out to at Northwood when needed. This remains one of our cornerstone philosophies. 

Thank you once again for your support of this process and we look forward to seeing you on campus very soon!


Leslie Roach, EdD.



親愛的 NHS 北木高中社區:

我們期待在秋季會議週期間在校園裡與您見面! 秋季會議將於 10 1114 日期間舉行,每個學生將在此週與他們的班導師 TA(Teacher Advisor) 舉行一次簡短的會議。

秋季會議是個讓您的孩子在一對一的環境中與他們的班導師 (TA) 交流,以了解學年進展情況的好機會。 這也讓班導師能更進一步地了解您的孩子並知道他們這學年的目標、需求和/或計劃的時候。

10 1014日這一週的課程安排如下

  • 10 10日,星期一:學生不上課(不上學)
  • 10 11日,星期二:奇數課(Minimum Day最短課程課表
  • 10 12日,星期三:測試日 

o    9 年級學生上午 8:30 開始參加 PSAT 8/9 測試

o    10 年級學生上午 8:30 開始參加 Pre-ACT 測試

o    11 年級學生上午 8:30 開始參加 PSAT /NMSQT測試

o    12 年級學生將在會收到更多相關信息的電子郵件

  • 10 13 日星期四:偶數時段(Minimum Day最短課程課表
  • 1014 日星期五:奇數時段(Minimum Day最短課程課表  

在那週裡我們每天都會安排最短課程(minimum day)時間表,以便為每個學生安排一次完整的會議。在春季時,我們將與學生和家長召開會議,以便各家庭與其班導師討論下學年的課程規劃。

北木高中全體員工持續的致力於提升我們與每個學生的關係,並確保他們知道在需要時可以與北木高中的哪些成人聯繫。 這一直是我們的基礎理念之一。



Leslie Roach, EdD.

Principal 校長