Email Address Information

Student Email Addresses

Email addresses: We have found that many students do not have current email addresses in Aeries Parent Portal. We are hoping collecting up to date emails for our students so that teachers and staff can stay in contact with your child about their learning opportunities. If your student does not have their own email, please provide us with an alternate email address (parent email would work) that they will continue to check regularly. If you have not provided an email address in Parent Portal, or are not sure, please provide your email address in one of the following ways:

1) Fill out this form.

2) Email Dr. Jennifer Ollila, assistant principal, at with your email address.

3) Call the Main Office at 949.936.7200 between 8:00am - 4:00 pm to provide your email address.


Chromebooks: Additionally, Northwood students who are in need of a Chromebook should email Mr. Eric Keith at  We are checking out devices to students so that they have the technology to keep up-to-date with learning opportunities that teachers are sharing.