Athletics Camps

Starting August 31!

Dear NHS Community,

We are happy to announce that we will be running athletics camps starting August 31st. The NHS Athletics program was disappointed to cancel our typical summer camp offerings. We hope these new camps will serve as an optional opportunity for student athletes to begin acclimating back into athletics through conditioning due to the restrictions we must follow (e.g. must be outdoors, no equipment, social distancing, etc.).

Our plan is to offer a two-week, conditioning camp for all interested athletes. All camps will be conditioning only and not sport specific; however, specific NHS coaches will be leading the pods based on their availability. Camps will run three days a week for one hour sessions at a cost of $50 and athletes will be able to sign up based on a preferred time. Athletes can sign up for any session to meet their unique time constraints. Each “pod” or group will consist of no more than 10 campers. Camps will run two weeks at a time until programs are allowed to use sport-specific athletic equipment and hopefully transition to specific skills camps. Again, the current camps we are offering are not sport-specific, but rather an opportunity for any athlete in any sport to condition in preparation for upcoming tryouts and/or seasons.

If you are interested in participating in this athletics camp, please complete this registration form to identify your top three choices of times. We will do our best to accommodate requests and appreciate your understanding. Please submit your payment of $50 (check or cash only) to the black mailbox on the back of the administration building by the theater. Checks and cash will be held until the first day of camp in case camps are cancelled. Checks should be made out to NHS Athletics.

Registration form responses and checks are due by Friday, August 21 in order to sign up for the first two-week camp period. After this deadline we will continue to accept sign-ups but athlete placement will be subject to pod availability. If an athlete chooses not to participate in the first two-week conditioning camp period, they will have an opportunity to join a camp during a subsequent two-week conditioning camp period. Please look out for additional information.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please contact our Athletics Directors, Brandon Emery ( and Sierra Wang (