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ASB Member Job Descriptions


ASB President is an elected position and shall preside over and prepare the agenda for all Cabinet meetings, represent NHS students at all school and inter-school events, maintain clear and effective communication with Cabinet members, mediate conflicts among Cabinet members, assist the Vice-President in the planning and execution of Elections/Election Convention and Homecoming Week, assume any and all duties not performed by other ASB Cabinet members, maintain and pass on the ASB legacy, which includes help in choosing the next year’s ASB Cabinet, and act as a liaison between the administration and the students. The President must be a Senior with a minimum of one year of experience on the ASB Cabinet.

vice president

ASB VP is an elected position and shall assume the office of the President in the case of the President’s absence, resignation, or impeachment. The Vice-President shall be the chief coordinator of the Election Convention, Homecoming Week, the fall and spring semester Finals Study Hall, and shall assist the President with mediation among Cabinet members. The Vice-President shall also attend all of the Student Forum Representative meetings. The Vice-President must be a Senior with a minimum of one year of experience on the ASB Cabinet.

class presidents

Senior Class President shall be elected positions and responsible for representing their class and councils, planning and conducting council interviews, planning and conducting council meetings, organizing and orchestrating council involvement in homecoming activities and spirit rallies, and working as the liaison between the ASB cabinet and their council. Presidents must also work closely with their Council Advisors to uphold the NHS ASB Constitution as they plan, organize, and execute their representative NHS school dance. Presidents work closely with their vice presidents and council in their respective dance duties.

  • Senior Class President's major duties/events: Winter Formal, Senior Breakfast, Senior Slideshow, Senior BBQ, coordinating and decorating the Senior section during Homecoming week and choreographing the class council dance for the Homecoming Rally.
  • Junior Class President's major duties/events: Prom, coordinating and decorating the Junior section during Homecoming week and choreographing the class council dance for the Homecoming Rally.
  • Sophomore Class President's major duties/events: Sadie Hawkins, coordinating and decorating the Sophomore section during Homecoming week and choreographing the class council dance for the Homecoming Rally.
  • Freshman Class President's major duties/events: Talent Show, Sips 'n' Study, and Cookies and Cram Session.

class vice Presidents

Class Vice Presidents shall be elected positions and responsible for representing their class and Councils, assuming the role as Class President in case of absence, resignation or impeachment, aiding the Class President with all designated duties (including Class Council elections, meetings, homecoming activities, class dance/event, etc.),play an active role in Homecoming by serving on key committees (designated by the ASB cabinet) to supply input and continue legacy and traditions in forthcoming years, coordinating all pep rally involvement for Class Council, and collaborating with the ASB Community Representative to organize TA service projects. Vice presidents work closely with their presidents and council in their respective dance/event duties.

See Class President dance/event duties listed above.

academics commissioner

Academics Commissioner is an appointed position, and shall be responsible for developing and maintaining the SAT Word of the Week program and the academic student of the month recognition program. They will plan and execute Alumni Week (college presentations by Northwood alumni) with the help of the counselors, the Pride of the Pack Awards Ceremony, Trivia Night, Spelling Bee and the Distinguished Timberwolves Awards Ceremony. In addition, the commissioner will act as the liaison between the College and Career Counselor and ASB.

athletics commissioner

The Athletics Commissioner is an elected position and shall be responsible for developing and sustaining programs to recognize athletes at NHS. This student will plan Games of the Week and Senior Nights, inform the student body of athletics statistics through the announcements, and promote and attend a variety of home NHS athletics events with intent to increase student attendance. The Commissioner shall also work closely with the Spirit and Rally Commissioner to organize rallies that recognize sports teams.

clubs commissioner

Clubs Commissioner is an appointed position, and shall be responsible for organizing the system of clubs at NHS. The commissioner will coordinate with club presidents to maintain club constitutions, hold monthly lunch meetings with clubs and club advisors, and plan, organize, and execute club info and food fairs, and also must regularly check the club commissioner email account in order to answer any questions that club members may have. The commissioner is also responsible for organizing and monitoring club fundraising efforts, periodically attending club meetings to check club activity and progress, and acting as the liaison between all clubs and ASB.

community representatives

Community Representatives (2) are appointed positions, and they shall be responsible for coordinating Irvine Unified School District required community service projects, and any and all other community service projects adopted by the ASB Cabinet, including the Canned Food Drive and Mr. Timberwolf.

faculty liaison

Faculty Liaison is an appointed position, and shall be responsible for creating and sustaining programs that recognize NHS faculty members (including Faculty Appreciation Week, Coffee/Bagel Cart, monthly recognition), and solicit positive interactions between faculty members and students.

fine arts commissioners

Fine Arts Commissioners are appointed positions, and shall be responsible for supporting, planning, organizing, and executing activities designed to increase awareness and appreciation of the Fine Arts program at NHS, including Fine Arts Week. They shall be the liaison between the ASB Cabinet and the Fine Arts teachers and work as the president of the Inter-Disciplinary Arts Council responsible for Night of the Arts and Fine Arts Assembly.

Public relations commissioners 

ON-CAMPUS: Public Relations Commissioner On-Campus is an appointed position, and shall be responsible for conveying important school information through the Twolf Bulletin outside of the SAC. The commissioner will also be responsible for organizing and implementing a weekly system involving the entire ASB cabinet that publicizes school events through a variety of methods, including but not limited to on-campus posters and chalk. Public Relations On-Campus should communicate and work together with the Public Relations Online Commissioner.

ONLINE: Public Relations Commissioner Online is an appointed position, and shall be responsible for implementing any web based promotional material including maintenance of all ASB social media accounts, the ASB website, and the ASB Section of the NHS website. Public Relations Online should communicate and work together with Public Relations On-Campus Commissioner.



Secretary is an appointed position, and shall coordinate with the Activities Secretary to organize the Student Activities Center duties, monitor ASB Class attendance, report attendance for out of class “mandatory events” to advisor, type the weekly minutes from ASB meetings, plan and execute the Freshman Orientation Skit and coordinate 8th Grade Family Night.

spirit and rally commissioner

Spirit/Rally Commissioner is an elected position and responsible for planning, organizing, and executing and/or participating in all of the student pep rallies, lunch fests, and student competitions/athletic events on campus. The commissioner is also responsible for maintaining the spirit and overall energy of the High School.

student forum

Student Forum President is an elected position, and will oversee Student Forum and its representatives. This will include all meetings, setting the agenda, working with respective positions within student forum to discuss and solve issues confronting each class level on campus. The Student Forum President must also be responsible for the Student Forum Rep email list and creating an effective publicity campaign to create awareness of Student Forum events and issues. The Student Forum president will work with the Athletics, Academics, Visual and Performing Arts Commissioners and the Faculty Liaison to prepare voting for Students of the Month. The Student Forum president must be a senior with a minimum of one year of experience on Student Forum or have class council experience. 

student representative

Student Representative is an appointed position, and will serve as the NHS student representative at IUSD Board of Education, School Site Council, and PTSA meetings. This person will be responsible for creating reports regarding the activities and student life at Northwood with input from the ASB President, ASB Vice President, Principal and the ASB Advisor that are shared with the IUSD Board, SSC, and PTSA, as well as serve as the Language Ambassador Liaison and State of the Student representative/leader. They will also co-chair Clash of the Classes with the help of the ASB Treasurer and Class Presidents, as well as maintain any parent communication via the schools Messenger/Facebook account.

technology commissioner

Technology Commissioner is an appointed position and will work with the Video Production class (NTV) to film and photograph events (along with the Historian), instruct all cabinet members on how to use ASB A/V equipment (sound system, camera, video, etc) and facilitate and execute promotional videos for school events (writing, editing, filming, etc.) and any video related project ASB organizes. Technology commissioner will coordinate with Video Production class members and teacher on all editing and filming of ASB footage so that they may be successfully aired to the student body. Additionally, technology commissioner shall also be responsible for taking pictures and capturing all ASB and school events, compiling all documents (schedules, reflections, photos, contacts, etc.) involved with each event, creating and maintaining the ASB display case, creating monthly photo collages, and helping support the Publicity Commissioner. Technology commissioner will also aid in running the ASB youtube channel and ASB website.


Treasurer is an appointed position, and shall monitor and explain the budget to ASB Cabinet members, sign and approve requested checks, organize fund-raising, collect and keep track of all money that is collected from the ASB cabinet, maintain ASB supplies, including balloons, helium, paints, paper and maintenance of the supply room. The Treasurer will also co-chair Clash of the Classes with the help of the Student Representative and Class Presidents.