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Academic Honesty

Northwood High School students demonstrate honesty, integrity, and the ability to produce their own work.  Sharing work with other students for submission can be considered a violation of the academic honesty policy.  The faculty encourages and expects students to submit original work that reflects their individual effort and ability. Behavior that can be defined as a violation of the academic honesty policy represents a violation of mutual trust and respect.

Examples of violating the academic honesty policy include but are not limited to:

1. Cheating on Tests - Any use of external assistance relating to an examination, test, or quiz without expressed permission of the teacher. This includes looking at another student's paper, sharing answers, possession of materials, or copying another student's paper.

2. Fabrication - Any intentional falsification or invention of data, citation, or other authority in an academic exercise.

3. Unauthorized Collaboration - Collaboration on an assignment between a student and another person, if such collaboration is not expressly directed or permitted by the teacher. This includes copying another student's work, allowing work to be copied or completing assignments for others, giving or "passing" any assessments to other students for the following year, or receiving any assessments from other students.

4. Plagiarism - Any representation of another's ideas, words, or work as one's own. Plagiarism includes the misuse of published material, electronic material, and/or the work of other students. The original writer who intentionally shares his/her paper for another to copy, without the permission of the teacher, has also engaged in plagiarism.

5. Alteration of Materials - Any intentional and unauthorized alteration of student, teacher, or library instructional or assessment materials. This may include changing answers after the fact.

6. Theft - Any unauthorized taking, concealment, or alteration of student or teacher instructional or assessment materials or equipment, including, but not limited to, the district data network, internet, and other online resources.

7. Transfer or Use of Unauthorized Materials - includes the use of unapproved translation devices, or any giving or selling of unauthorized materials.

8. The use of any Artificial Intelligence tool or uncited outside resource to complete work without the explicit instruction of your teacher may result in an academic honesty violation.

9. Digital Citizenship Violations - Per Board Policy: 6163.4 Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy, students should refrain from using technological resources for violations that involve academic dishonesty. These include using technology to copy, plagiarize, collaborate inappropriately, sending or receiving test questions, accessing another’s account, or hacking into computer systems.

NHS follows the academic honesty policy outlined by IUSD.  The full academic honesty policy, including consequences, can be seen here.  

***Note: If a student engages in egregious Academic Honesty Violations,  other consequences will be considered by the Northwood High School Administration.***


The Board of Education strives to provide a safe, positive learning climate for students in the schools. Therefore, it shall be the policy of the Irvine Unified School District to maintain an educational environment in which bullying and cyberbullying in any form are not tolerated.

  1. All forms of bullying and cyberbullying by school district students are hereby prohibited. Anyone who engages in bullying and cyberbullying in violation of this policy shall be subject to appropriate discipline.
  2. Students who have been bullied or cyberbullied shall promptly report such incidents to any staff member.
  3. Complaints of bullying and cyberbullying shall be investigated promptly, and corrective action shall be taken when a complaint is verified. Neither reprisals nor retaliation shall occur as a result of the submission of a complaint.

The District shall annually inform students that bullying and cyberbullying of students will not be tolerated. Bullying shall mean unwelcome, pervasive, and/or severe, verbal, written, or physical conduct directed at a student or staff member by a student that has the effect of any or all of the following:

  1. Physically, emotionally or mentally harming a student or staff member;
  2. Damaging, extorting or taking a student's or a staff member's personal property;
  3. Placing a student or staff member in reasonable fear of physical, emotional or mental harm;
  4. Placing a student or staff member in reasonable fear of damage to or loss of personal property; or,
  5. Creating an intimidating and/or hostile environment that substantially interferes with a student's educational opportunities or the ability of a staff member to perform his or her duties.

Cyber bullying includes, but is not limited to, the following misuses of technology: harassing, teasing, intimidating, threatening, or terrorizing another student or staff member by way of any technological tool, such as sending or posting an inappropriate or derogatory email message, telephone message, instant message, text message, digital picture or image, or website posting (including an individual or collective blog) which has the effect of the following:

  1. Physically, emotionally, or mentally harming a student or staff member;
  2. Placing a student or staff member in reasonable fear of physical, emotional, or mental harm;
  3. Placing a student or staff member in reasonable fear of damage to or loss of personal property; or,
  4. Creating an intimidating or hostile environment that substantially interferes with a student's educational opportunities or a staff member's ability to perform his or her duties.

All forms of bullying are unacceptable and, to the extent that such actions are disruptive of the educational process of the District, offenders shall be subject to appropriate staff intervention, which will result in administrative disciplinary measures and notification of appropriate authorities.

The term "bullying" and "cyber bullying" shall not be interpreted to infringe upon a student's right to engage in legally protected speech or conduct.

A violation of this policy shall subject the offending student to appropriate disciplinary action, consistent with the student discipline code, which may include suspension, a recommendation for expulsion and/or notification to the appropriate authorities.


Code of Conduct

Expected Behavior

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

1. Students will be on time for all classes or provide a pass on arrival

1st-8th tardy - teacher’s individual plan;

Additional tardies - Four hours Saturday School and or SARB referral

2. Students will attend all classes. All absences must be cleared within three days of the absence.

One period of detention will be assigned for each period of truancy or an uncleared absence. Saturday School will be assigned after the third detention in a semester.

Additional truancies/uncleared absences will result in a referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB)

3. Students will serve detentions the week that they are assigned.

Referral to the Assistant Principal

4. Students will serve Saturday School on the date assigned.

In-House Suspension

5. Students will remain on campus during the school day unless they have an off campus lunch pass or early dismissal. Students will not enter adjacent avocado groves. Parking lots are off limits during class time and breaks.

Saturday School will be assigned

6. Only parents may write notes or phone in absences.

Saturday School and parent notification if note or phone call is forged

7. Students will follow directions of teachers, campus and adult supervisors and administration.

1st offense: Detention or Saturday School

Repeated offenses: 1-5 days suspension for defiance

8. Students will not use or possess any form of tobacco and/or electronic cigarettes.

One to three-day suspension, parent contact, subject to PC3086 Citation by IPD. Smoking Cessation Class

9. Students will not consume, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or placebos.

Five day suspension, parent conference, police intervention, alternative to suspension program

10. Students will not fight or put their hands on each other in an unwelcome, aggressive manner.

One to five day suspension, parent conference, possible police intervention; causing serious injury results in recommendation for expulsion

11. Students will not incite or encourage fights.

One to five day suspension, parent conference, possible police intervention

12. Students will not intimidate, harass, or sexually harass others.

One to five day suspension and parent conference

13. Students will respect school property and private property, and refrain from theft of any kind including theft of food from food services.

One to five day suspension or Saturday School, restitution, possible police intervention. Robbery or extortion may result in expulsion proceedings

14. Students will use tutorial time for meeting with teachers, working on class assignments, working on homework, working on group projects or reading.

1st offense: Warning

Repeated offenses: Detention, Saturday School, parking privileges revoked

15. Students will lock up skateboards and bicycles in the areas designated with bicycle and skateboard racks. They are not to be ridden, carried around or locked anywhere else on school property.

1st offense: Warning

Repeated offenses: Parent to pick up bike or skateboard, Saturday School, suspension for defiance

16. Students will dress according to the dress code.

1st offense: Warning & change clothes

2nd offense: Parent contact, Saturday School Further offenses: suspension for defiance

17. Students will only park on campus with a valid NHS permit.

1st offense: Detention, probation period for future permits 2nd offense: Saturday School, no permit for semester

Further offenses will include: suspension for defiance, car boot, towing, inability to obtain future parking permit.



18. At school or on the way to or from school, or on the way to or from any school activity, students will not possess a firearm (including replica); sell or provide any

controlled substance; brandish a knife or other weapon; or commit or attempt to commit a sexual assault

1st offense will result in immediate suspension from school and EXPULSION from the Irvine Unified School District and referral to proper law enforcement authorities that may result in the student’s arrest.

19. At school or on the way to or from school or on the way to or from any school activities, students will not cause serious physical injury to others; possess any knife,

explosive or other dangerous object; possess any controlled substance; commit robbery or extortion; or assault

1st offense will result in an immediate suspension from school and a determination of further action which may result in EXPULSION proceedings and referral to proper

law enforcement authorities which may result in the student’s arres

Dance Contract & Guest Passes

In order to promote a healthy, safe, enjoyable evening at school dances for all students, all parents and students must read and sign the following contract. It outlines all pertinent information about all school dances and the expected behavior for all students.

  1. Ticket Sales for all Dances – How do I Purchase a Dance Ticket?
    1. A Northwood High School ID card and completed dance contract is required for admission and ticket purchase for each dance.
    2. Ticket sales are done at the Student Activities Center (SAC). All ticket sales will occur during morning break, lunch and after Periods 5/6 only. NO REFUNDS. ALL SALES FINAL.
    3. Ticket prices will go up every week that tickets are on sale.
    4. If Non-Northwood guests are permitted (certain dances are Northwood Students only), then all Non-Northwood students must have an administrator’s signature from their school and complete the Non-Northwood Guest Contract at the time of ticket purchase. Guests must be under the age of 21 and in at least 9th grade.
  2. Entry Requirements for Dances – What do I Need to Know about Going to A Dance?
    1. All Northwood students must have their ID card to enter the dance. You do not need a dance ticket to enter.
    2. All Non-Northwood students must have a valid school or state issued photo id and must be accompanied by a Northwood student in order to be admitted to the dance.
    3. The following dress code will be enforced at the time of check-in for the purposes of modesty and security:
      • Dress/skirts must minimally be at least fingertip length
      • Dress/Skirt slits may be no higher than fingertip length
      • No backless garments that extend below the waist.
      • No exposed undergarments/see through dresses/bare sides
      • No bare midriffs/excessively low cut tops
      • No bandanas, chains, or canes
      • Rave paraphernalia is not allowed at any time during the dance.
    4. Students that do not meet dress code standards will be permitted to return home to change clothes and return to the dance.  Dance refunds will not be given to students not allowed in a dance for dress code reasons.
    5. Latest arrival time to the dance will be approximately one hour after opening. No refunds will be issued if the arrival time is missed, no re-admittance once a student has left.
    6. All students will be breathalyzed upon entry. Students removed from the dance will be prohibited from attending the subsequent dance.
  3. Expected Behavior During Dances – How Should I Act Once I am Inside the Dance?
    1. Do not alter your clothing once inside the dance. If clothing becomes altered or removed during the dance, students will be asked to leave or may not be able to attend future dances. No refunds will be given.
    2. NHS upholds the IUSD zero tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol. Any students suspected of drinking alcohol will be subject to a breathalyzer test. Students found under the influence of any controlled substance, will be suspended immediately. The rules in the Dance Contract herein are a supplement to Northwood High School's and Irvine Unified School District’s broad, discretionary authority to maintain safety, order and discipline inside the school zone or on premises of off-site school events. These rules support, but do not limit, our authority.
    3. Dancing Guideline:
      • No inappropriate touching (hands on waists or shoulders only)
      • No prolonged public displays of affection
      • No front to back touching
      • No straddling legs
    4. Inappropriate dancing will result in the following consequences:
      • First violation = ID confiscated to be claimed from administrator after the dance, documented discipline file.
      • Second violation = Student will be asked to leave dance and not be allowed to attend next dance, documented in discipline file.
    5. Students are discouraged from bringing any valuables that will not remain on their person throughout the duration of the dance. These items are often stowed in a corner and later reported lost, stolen or vandalized. NHS and IUSD are in no way responsible for lost, stolen or vandalized items.
    6. Students are expected to be picked up from the dance no later than 15 minutes after the dance is over. To honor the time of the NHS staff, we ask parents to plan accordingly. In case of an infraction involving a minor, a parent will be contacted to pick up their student from the dance. In the event that they can’t be reached, the incident will be referred to the Irvine Police Department.
    7. Once a student has left a dance, they may not re-enter.

Dress Code

To create a safe and appropriate learning environment, students shall not wear any clothing, attire or accessory that by its manner of appearance, arrangement, trademark, fit or any other attribute, is unsafe, disruptive, unhealthful, obscene, profane, ethnically, racially or sexually degrading, libelous or slanderous.  Clothing should not expose student undergarments, nor be provocative or revealing, contain sexual innuendos, or advocate unlawful behavior or illegal substances. Clothing which is extremely brief, excessively form fitting or low-cut (including plunging neck lines, bare midriffs, exposed undergarments, and very short skirts or shorts).  Shorts must be at least fist length and skirts must be fingertip length. Students shall not wear clothing suggesting or promoting any affiliation with any street gang or other group that commits unlawful acts.


By Board Policy, students who violate this policy, its regulations or school rules adopted pursuant to this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.  Full description of inappropriate attire is available at www.iusd.org.


Just as though you were in your class in person, when you attend your class digitally, you are responsible for following Northwood's core values of Compassion, Mutual Respect and Integrity.


Mutual Respect

  1. Please respect the privacy of your classmates and teacher and do not record, screenshot, or otherwise capture your class meeting and definitely do not post to social media.
    1. This is a violation of privacy and could face disciplinary action
  2. Do not share the link to class meetings with anyone. If it is a classmate who needs it, have them contact the teacher



  1. Attend all scheduled class meetings
  2. Conduct yourself in your online classroom just as you would in a physical classroom
    1. Participate appropriately, as directed by your teacher
    2. Wear school appropriate attire, as though you were actually going to school
    3. Do not engage in any distracting activities such as having multiple screens up or using your cell phone
    4. Keep your camera on and microphone muted unless otherwise directed
  3. Use your real name when signing into your video conference



  1. Have patience with your teacher and with each other -- we are navigating this strange world together
  2. Be patient when the technology fails -- it will undoubtedly happen


In order to make your online classroom experience as effective, safe, comfortable and efficient as possible, please follow these guidelines when you log into each of your classes.


Before You Log In

  1. Get yourself into a learning mindset by completing your normal morning school routine.
    1. Eat breakfast, shower, brush teeth, get dressed, etc.
  2. Create your learning environment and set yourself up to be successful and productive
    • . Look for a place in your home that has minimum distractions
      1. Consider things like other people in your house, noise and proximity to distractions
      2. Let people in your household know you are broadcasting to minimize any surprises
      3. Put away your cell phones, and any other forms of distraction (i.e. television, ipads, etc.)
    1. Have your school materials close by and accessible (i.e. print out any handouts, etc.)
    2. Have water nearby
    3. Check-in early enough to test that your microphone and video are working
    4. Have lighting in front of you so that you are visible to everyone
  1. Manage your video background by checking your frame before you log in
    • . Remove anything from view that is private or inappropriate that you do not want others to see
      • .Inappropriate content in your background may be subject to disciplinary action
    1. Consider using a virtual background (available with Zoom) to hide things behind you (this feature is only available with certain software requirements)


When You Log In

  1. You are required to use your real name, a computer and IUSD account when you log in
    1. Students who do not use their given name will not be admitted from the waiting room
    2. Patiently wait until admitted by the teacher
    3. If disconnected, email your teacher ASAP to get back into the zoom meeting
    4. Every student should have access to a computer. If you do not, please contact the administration. Cell phone usage is only a last resort.
  2. Have your microphone muted upon login
    • . Only turn your microphone on when you have been asked to speak
  3. Have your camera on when you log in so teachers can engage with you visually and see your face
    • . Sessions may be recorded. NOTE - this also means that everyone's behavior is being monitored. Students disrupting the class will have consequences.


In Large Group Sessions

  1. Stay on task, have your notebook (possibly text) and writing utensils ready for use just as you would if instruction were happening in person
    1. To avoid Zoom fatigue, it may be beneficial for you to write notes by hand
  2. Keep your microphone muted unless you have been asked by your teacher to speak
  3. Keep your camera on for eye contact between teacher and peers. This allows for the development of an all- inclusive, safer and more comfortable teaching environment.


The following are Zoom specific and may not be applicable to all video conferencing platforms.

  1. Use the “non-verbal cues or emote” features like thumbs up and clapping to acknowledge you understand
    1. The emote features are found at the bottom of the zoom window under “reactions”.
  2. If possible, use the “raise hand” feature or "parking lot" if you have a question
  3. Chat feature will be utilized at teacher discretion. Do not make a comment in chat that you would not make out loud in a classroom setting. Remember, no one is good at multitasking so limit the amount of chatting that you do.
  4. Participation of all students is expected


In Breakout Sessions

  1. During the breakout session your conversation should remain on topic/ task and appropriate to being in the classroom. We recommend establishing group roles to maximize your efficiency
    1. Manager keeps track of the time and everyone being on task
    2. Reader reads aloud all of the given text and each of the individual assigned questions
    3. Recorder listens to all responses and writes down the final consensus response of the group
    4. Group evaluator determines the quality of the collaboration and the individual submission of ideas and answers of each group member
  2. Upon completion of task, all students return to the main group with microphone muted