10th Grade

Starting in December, each sophomore and their parent(s) will have a Sophomore Conference with their assigned counselor. During your conference, your counselor will talk to you about a range of topics, including graduation requirements, post-NHS options, career interests, the SAT/ACT, ROP opportunities, and any areas of concern. Your counselor will also help you plan for the courses you will take in 11th and 12th grade. Our goal with sophomore conferences is to provide students with an extra layer of support and to equip NHS families with the information they need to ensure that each student has a successful experience at NHS and is prepared for their post-graduation goals.
Throughout the year, counselors are available to help students with any academic, personal/social, or career-related questions and concerns they may have. We continue to track student progress and check-in with sophomores who are struggling. We have a variety of interventions and support programs that we will recommend to students who need extra support as appropriate. 


Prior to your sophomore conference, we encourage students and parents to watch the videos below  which cover general information about the topics that we will cover in your conference. Feel free to use the Sophomore Conference Notes Sheet (see Resources) to take down any notes and questions you have while watching the videos and bring the sheet with you to your conference! (Click here for a script in Mandarin for the video below) (以中文字幕观看下面的视频,请点击此处)