Computer Graphics and 3D Design


Computer Graphic Design is a beginning course that explores how to utilize artistic elements and principles of design in computer graphic software and media. Students will create various projects such as Magazine Covers, Movie Posters, Travel Guides, Video Game Booklets, Business Cards, and Restaurant Menus. The class is designed to allow students the opportunity to learn various graphic and desktop publishing software programs such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. This course is a great course for any student and will help students be able to understand layout and composition that benefits them in all of their other subjects.


Intermediate Computer Graphics (Pre-requisites: Computer Graphics and Design or by teacher recommendation)

Intermediate Computer Graphics is designed to allow students the opportunity to learn animation techniques for the web using Flash, Quicktime, Swift 3D and DreamWeaver. Students will incorporate these and other software programs into learning and understanding web page construction and design. Students will also learn how to create animated website Banner Ads, Product Ads, Movie Trailers, and Television show web promos. This course will be a catalyst for future advanced classes concentrating on website construction, design, and purpose in today’s society.


Advanced Computer Graphics and 3D Animation and Design (Note: two different classes)

Adv CG and 3D Animation/Design are upper level courses that offer 3rd or 4th year students an opportunity to experience a variety of digital graphic software and media that are used by professional digital artists. 3D programs: ZBrush, Maya, Blender, Fusion 360 and 3D Studio Max; Architectural and Interior Design software: Google SketchUp, Chief Architect, Revit; Video Editing: Quicktime and After Effects; Game Design: UNITY, Unreal and Digital Art Software: Painter and Sketchbook Pro. This course is designed for the motivated student who wants to major or intends to work in the digital media graphics field, game design or character design. Students will have the opportunity to create/print prototypes and replicas of their design on the school’s 3D printer!!


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