About the Arts

As the VAPA department shares many students in multiple programs, it is very proud of its cross-disciplinary collaborations within the department. For example, every year Northwood’s Performing Arts programs produce an outstanding mainstage musical production. These incorporate over 100 students across the theater, dance, vocal music, and instrumental music programs, and include professional-level titles such as The Sound of Music, The Drowsy Chaperone, and Shrek. In addition, there are a number of courses that are considered both VAPA and CTE classes, offering students artistic experiences with career and technical connections. 


The teachers in the VAPA department work hard to ensure the success of all students regardless of ability level, which is reflected in the adoption of the VAPA department’s formalized Vision Statement: Each Visual and Performing Arts student will have a meaningful experience and breadth of knowledge of the arts. Students will apply their artistry, technique, and experience in the creation of art. These experiences will provide the basis for being continuous learners, advocates for and potential industry professionals in the arts.


Throughout the year, the Performance Arts programs give several productions including music concerts, dance performances, and theatrical plays. Furthermore, Northwood’s Visual Arts programs display their artwork in a variety of ways, including permanent gallery space in the Theater and throughout campus.


Overall, the VAPA department continues to strive toward excellence while creating a safe and welcoming place for students.