Hope Week

March 8 - March 12
Hope Week



NHS Hope Week

March 8th - 12th

What Is NHS Hope Squad?

How Hope Squad Helps our NHS Family 

What We Do Behind the Scenes


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Hope Squad is a peer-to-peer suicide prevention program. Hope Squad members are nominated by their classmates as trustworthy peers and trained by advisors.


The program reduces youth suicide through:

  1. Education
  2. Training
  3. Peer Intervention


This Program is Nationally known for it’s ability to connect students with each other and to mental health resources.


Hope Squad has a process that works on all levels for youth suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention.


  • School suicide prevention involves educating the school community and increasing mental health, connectedness, and resilience.


  • Intervention involves recognizing when someone is at risk for suicide and referring the person to mental health resources.


  • Postvention involves helping those affected by a suicide cope with the loss and reducing the risk of further suicides.


Train staff and community members in youth suicide prevention through evidence-based training.


Hope Squads, advisors, and students are certified and trained as QPR gatekeepers.

  • QPR is an integral part of the Hope Squad curriculum. It provides students the simple steps to reach out to struggling peers and refer them to trusted adults.


Empower the natural helpers in your school through peer-to-peer suicide prevention training.


Raise awareness of mental health and youth suicide prevention resources.


Educate students on how to recognize suicide warning signs and respectfully report concerns.


Train students how to support fellow students who may be struggling.


Increase connectedness, inclusion, and social-emotional learning skills.


Increase help-seeking behaviors.


Reduce suicide attempts.


NHS Hope Squad’s Commitment to BIPOC* & LGBTQ+ Mental Health


NHS Hope Squad’s Commitment to Antiracism Work


* Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. By including “BI” Black and Indigenous in addition to “POC” people of color, we are honoring the unique experiences of Black and Indigenous individuals and their communities, as well as the spectrum of existence and experience by POC.

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Our goal is to promote and be effective in addressing mental health for all, we use a racial equity and intersectional lens to highlight, better understand, and effectively respond to the range of experiences held by individuals and families with diverse values, beliefs, and sexual orientations, in addition to backgrounds that vary by race, ethnicity, religion, and language.


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We recognize that our community has significant work to do to commit to and promote anti-racism.


We recognize that racism consists of principles and practices that cause and justify an inequitable distribution of rights, opportunities, and experiences across racial groups.


Structural racism reflects the macrosocial system of public policies and institutional practices that work in various, often reinforcing, ways to perpetuate racial injustice.


Interpersonal racism reflects microsocial forces of culture expressed through discourse, attitudes, and behaviors that work in various, often reinforcing ways, to perpetuate racial injustice.


Systematic racism is when structural and interpersonal racism operate both separately and together.


We resolve to actively listen to our BIPOC colleagues, friends, and communities to unlearn behavior and assumptions; to humbly admit when we are wrong, even in situations that make us uncomfortable.


NHS Hope Squad Gets Recognized by the LA Times High School Insider


Northwood High School Takes a Step Toward Youth Suicide Prevention


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Hope Week Events

All Week Events:

  • Wear your Hope pin that our Squad has placed in your mailbox.


  • Write hopeful sticky notes on the big wall by the oak.


Tuesday/ Wednesday

Thursday/ Friday


Join us and our amazing NHS counselors for swag bag and mental health resources hand out during break by the oak. 


Wear Red for Hope

+ Wear Your Hope Pin!

How Best to Support Hope Squad This Week?


Wear your Hope pin that our Squad will have placed in your mailbox by Tuesday.


Wear Red for Hope  on Thursday and Friday!


Check out our NTV segment.


Thank kiddos wearing Hope Squad shirts and beanies for their hard work and dedication!


Got Any Questions? Please Feel Free to Reach Out!